Tuesday, October 31, 2006

1st Roof Top BBQ

click here for more photos!!

Once again, its a Saturday night after the looong weekend. Ascension's Teens and Youth gathered together for a Roof top BBQ on 28 October 2006.

Before that, we had a great time of Captain's Ball as there were new friends around and followed by the boys' weekly soccer.

Dark clouds gathered and we hoped that they'll soon go. However, true enough, it rained. By then, the sound system was set up by the Logistics Team, the fire was started, and everyone was anticipating for the BBQ excitiedly.

No, we did not just stop there. We prayed. We prayed for God's love to clear the dark clouds so that we could continue with what is installed. Many of us people prayed while the rest helped to bring in all the stuff in the rain. Thank God that the sound system were alright and the fire did not go off.

Thankfully, by God's grace, the rain stopped in 20mins. We carried on with the BBQ.

During the night, the weather was really good. There wasn't much haze in the atmosphere and all of us were simply have a great time talking, eating and most importantly, fellowshipping. We had a short time of Praise and Worship before we hit the food. (:

The view of SAV from above is indeed nice even at night.

Time flies when your having fun and soon enough, we had to say our good-byes. The roof top was being washed with pails of water and everthing was back into place. In fact, the roof was cleaner than it was before thanks to the hard work of the teens and youth.

Froggy and Vanilia joined us too! (refer to photos. (: )

Indeed, everyone had a great time of fellowshpping as well as eating!


Jasper said...

The BBQ was so fun...it's our first ever roof top event!

Jasper said...

I think i will use this comment section to post my blog address... http://simple-mess.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Hey all,

Sorry to sign off as ANONYMOUS. I am new at this, I don't have any BLOGGER address or identity. HELP! Any kind soul can help me to create a BLOG.

Your humble dennis

Anonymous said...

This site is GREAT! Well done MARIAN. You did a great job! Let this site be OUR PRIDE AND JOY in affirming all the edifying activities that we are doing in our minitry and lives. Let's encourage each other to build postive blocks and be a channel to heal negative blocks.

I am excited. Thanks Marian.

Pastor Dennis

marian said...

hahahaha. (: hmm. i'll work on this where by ppl who are non bloggers can post. hahha. hmmm. i can help u.. hahaha. (:

marian! HAHA said...

can already! ahha. jsut click on other.. and type in ur name! i try ar. haha. (: