Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wayne Kerr Live!!

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Rights, now that i've gotten down to doing this...First of all, a HUGE thank you to Wayne and Kelley for the amazing way in which they have blessed the ministry and many members of the church during the workshop and the worship service. And also to all those who came down for the workshop, worship service and all who have extended their hospitality to Wayne & Kelley, you guys have really blessed them greatly :)

The workshop was a real reminder for us in the worship ministry to be authentic in our worship to God, and to always focus more on God and less on ourselves; 'More of Him, Less of Me'

Kelley's sharing at the service really reminded and taught us about our identity in Christ and our Lord's undying Love for us. So many teens & youth were blessed and touched by the spirit during the time of prayer and it really showed that even though this was their first time at Ascension, God has really put a message in their hearts to bring to us.

Before this post becomes too long winded, I want to wrap up by once again thanking Wayne & Kelley for the incredible Worship Workshop and the amazing worship & sharing at the Worship Service. God has really used the both of you to bless us at COA and we wish you God's Grace & Blessing upon your ministry back at Grace Fellowship United Methodist Church and also especially in your work among the Bees. God Bless!!!

- eugene wong

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