Monday, November 13, 2006


From the: -
Chinese Ministry: Ang Ah Huat, Lim Swee Cheong, Tan Soot Chiat.
English Ministry: Jason Ambrose, John and Mary Chew, Cynthia Choo, Tanny Koh, Johannes and Ivy Kremer, Rachael Lee, Lyndon Leong, Glen Liang , Ulrica Liang, Siew Li Lang, Rachel Lim, Katherine Loh, Grace Ng, Reuben Ong, Jerrayne Quek, Joel Tan, Jerome Wee and Jasmine Yim.

Congrats to all Confirmation Candidates especially those from the Teens and Youth Ministry. Continue this everlasting journey with Christ as you guys take this step of faith and unfold another chapter of what's installed for us.

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