Saturday, November 18, 2006

Worship Night 2006

- during practices. (photos to be uploaded soon! keep watch!)

Arise, cry out in the night, as the watches of the night begin;
pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord.

Lamentations 2:19

God gave us a vision for worship night, that those who came would clap, that those who came would jump, that those who came would bow down on their knees in worship. In short, those who came would pour out their hearts like water in his presence. So the people said, 'Lord, let not our will but yours be done.' And worship night truly went in accordance to his will for his people.

A humble vision at first, but God took that little vision; and used it so mightily to move the hearts of his people. During the first meetings of the committee, the backbone of this event was outlined. That if God was going to do any work in this event, the hearts of the committee must first be set right before God. There was much prayer in the preparation for worship night. The devil tried his best to distract us and pull our focus off, and 2 weeks before worship night, the spiritual health of the committee was at an all-time low. But God reminded us what this event was all about. Worship should be our gift to god, and that worship should be a lifestyle; not just singing songs and praying, but living our life as a worship unto God.

When worship practices started, there was so much to do. The team had to get themselves familiar with the songs, and they had to practice very hard to prepare almost 20 songs in less than 3 weeks, and in only 4 practices. Practices were tough, starting early and ending late at night. Eveleen, Jasmine and Kimberly worked tirelessly on the slides and video for publicity and for the intro to the first song. The logistics team was amazing, no job too tough to handle, and no problem too difficult. Setting up for practice took almost an hour, not including sound checks, so we are very proud to say that God indeed blessed us with a first class logistics team.

18th November, the big day. The excitement and anticipation certainly showed on the faces of the people. The ministry met at 4 to pray for the event, and that was followed by a final practice for the worship team. The worship team met together again for a final prayer meeting before the event kicked off. We started at 7:30pm, and God really moved through the hearts of the people and the sanctuary was really filled with the presence of God. Dennis shared God’s word with us, emphasizing on our hearts and lives. That our everyday living should be a worship to God, not only about singing songs; and that our lives should glorify God.

Our prayer for worship night is that worship night will not be an event that came and went. But that worship night would be a night where we dedicated our lives once again to God, to live in obedience to him and to set our heart’s desires in accordance to his word; that the ordinary things we do in life would become a worship to God.

- Eugene Wong

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