Sunday, December 24, 2006

Carols By Candlelight 2006

Ascensionaires celebrated Christmas by holding our annual Carols By Candlelight 2006 at the...well, Sanctuary. And yet, we're given another opportunity to thank God for the wonderful that He has done in our lives.

On the 23rd of Dec, many people came to church to prepare, rehearse for the big event for the following day. Roger, together with his team did a fan-ta-bulous job, in ensuring that everything's proper in God's direction.
The logistics team set up all the necessary equippments by 6pm so that the full dress rehearsal could be done at 7pm right outside the main entrance of our church. From 400 over chairs to big big stage lights, everything was done manually, in hope that there would not be rain.

The rehearsal went smoothly and ended at around 9pm. Because too much work was needed to be done to keep the equippments and set them up again the next day, the logistics team had to make a decision to stay over to safeguard every single inch of the area. You could actually see tired bodies sleeping outside, at the main steps of church.

At around 11.30pm. There was a slight drizzle. Many people who were still in church, gathered around to pray.

The rain continued on, but the logistics team braved the rain and pressed on to enure that all the equippents were shelthered from the rain. Night fell and the rain continued pouring.

The very next day, we had Christmas Eve Service at 5pm, followed by a scrumpcious dinner over at the Junior's School canteen. It was still drizzling slightly and almost impossible to have the event outside our church without getting anything wet.

In the end, a tough decision was made to have the event up in the Sanctuary. The logistics team moved all the equppiements up the Sanctuary and worked efficiently so that the event could start at 8pm.

There were performances from the Chinese Minitsry, the Men's Ministry, the Northern Thailand Mission Team, the Worship Ministry, the Teens and Youth Ministry and many others.

The event ended with carols being sung over and over again. Everyone was having a great time despite of the very wet weather and change of location. Though physically exhausted, everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time of fellowship. Unfortunetly, the night wasn't young and the emcees for the night had to end the event. The event ended at around 9.30pm and many stayed on the help clear up the event and ensure that everythign was back into place and ready for Christmas Service on the very next day at 10am.

Indeed, through everyone single one's hardwork and effort put it, it was a thanksgiving offering to God that made Him smile. (: Friendships were made and relationships were strengthened. Through this event, God has taught us to remain faithful and have shown us His mercy in continously providing for us.

We would like to thank everyone who has made everything possibleon that night with God's strength.

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