Friday, December 29, 2006

Coffeeshop Nite 2006

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Call it love...

"We love because He first loved us"
- 1 John 4:19 -

Our very own annual Coffeeshop Nite is back once again!

This event focus on thanksgiving to God for the wonderful year that He has blessed us with. Certainly, many may experienced many ups and downs from a challenging year that has passed and we want to honour God for allowing us to go through this year with in love and thanksgiving.

Here's the programme list...

Every year, we are so blessed and fortunate to have very genourous parents donating very delicous food to bless all who attended the event that night.

In addition, LKC Hall was decorated with 'homely furnitures' such as lamps, sofa, cushions and mats to give everyone a honely feeling. While watching the performances that we have offered to God, we could sit back and enjoy the offerings. It was indeed a great time of fellowship and a time of homecoming (literally) for many.

We're very blessed by God's faithfulness time and time again. On that night, the weather was fine and it did not rain for the whole day despite the rainy season that Singapore currently experiencing.

God has always been faithful and loving to us despite our sinful self and we want to than God for graciously forgiving us even though we do not deserve such grace at times. Let us look forward to the coming year, yet another opportunity to be a living testimonial for all and be a salt and light to the world. (:

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